Introduction: Visitors to North Korea are surprised to see the number and variety of hotels there assuming that tourism is new to North Korea. In fact during the Soviet era there was considerable barter trade tourism between the various countries in the so-called East Bloc. North Korea would send tourists to East Bloc countries and receive tourists from them in return. This required a tourism infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, guides, buses, taxis, roads, etc. The problem was that with the collapse of the Soviet Union everyone wanted hard currency and would no longer accept barter tourism.
  Pyongyang as the capital has the greatest variety and number of hotels including several modern looking tower-style ones such as the Pyongyang Koryo Hotel and the Yanggakdo Hotel. A somewhat pleasant surprise is that each hotel is different, reflecting a range of architectural styles. In other cities hotels are usually not as tall but are located in convenient places for access to the local sites. Most hotels have a choice of Korean food and European food. Some even have Japanese and/or Chinese restaurants. Unfortunately during the busy periods when tourists are allowed to visit North Korea the hotels are usually full and choice can be limited.
  For more information on and photos of specific hotels click on the links below:

Koryo Hotel>Koryo Hotel, one of two deluxe hotels in Pyongyang.

Yanggakdo Hotel>Yanggakdo Hotel, one of two deluxe hotels in Pyongyang.

Hyangsan Hotel>Hyangsan Hotel, the only deluxe hotel in Myohyang.

Kaesong Folkloric Hotel>Kaesong Folkloric Hotel, the only deluxe hotel in Kaesong.


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